Simple, Yet So Complex

by NewFable LLC May 12, 2017

Simple, Yet So Complex

Simple, Yet So Complex

It's 6 AM. Your alarm goes off.

To your half-awake (or half-asleep) knowledge, it's time to wake up and start your day. But hold on, you're really tired and you know you can squeeze in those extra minutes of conscious sleep - that's why you set those eight alarms within two minutes of each other in the first place, isn't it?

That's a risky move though, because once you make the decision to close your eyes you know that at any moment you might actually fall asleep and wake-up three hours later. Have you ever thought about what you're actually thinking about during these pseudo-sleep trance moments? It's like you're just conscious enough to realize that you need to wake up but just unconscious enough to not give a shit.

Let me ask you a question,

Have you ever woke up from a dream that didn't finish and hope you can fall asleep again fast enough to finish it? That's because we hardly remember most of our dreams and even the dreams we do remember will eventually drift away into nonexistence - unless you keep talking about them. It's amazing how you can spend roughly eight hours a day (or night to be sensical) in some alternate reality and not remember a damn thing seconds after your eyes open. Imagine if you could though. Imagine if you could remember all of your dreams and were able to make physical and emotional connections between them. On the slight off-chance that you know you're dreaming (see lucid dreaming), everything in a dream seems so uncontrollable. Shit just happens, doesn't it? Ants are destroying buildings, that teacher you had in third grade is an evil genius with a plot to eliminate bread from the Earth, you and all of your friends are running away from some crazy lady you saw in real-life two days ago. It's just a huge mashup of anomalies that have underlying meanings to you in the conscious-world.

What do you think your dreams are telling you? Comment below!

Anyways, after seven alarms and fifteen minutes later, you're up. Now, what does the rest of your day look like? You could probably tell someone what you did yesterday in a few sentences, if that. But a whole day is rather complex though when you think about it. When you are describing what your day looks like, you'll most likely just highlight the important things.

But let's take a deeper look into what actually happens in one typical day on Earth:

  • Each person has 60,000 thoughts (average)
  • There are 86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes, and 24 hours
  • Around 18 million people will celebrate their birthday
  • There will be 8.6 million lightning strikes
  • Each person will inhale around 23,000 times
  • There will be 7 separate earthquakes and 18,000 storms around the world
  • Each of us will say about 48,000 words
  • Bill Gates makes $20,000,000 dollars...

Bill Gates Net Worth: $87.5 billion 


You can do a lot of things with the 24 hours you are afforded. Use them to your advantage. Remember: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The world is a very complex place; that does not mean your life has to be.

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” - Douglas Everett

Simplicity Is Key

Humans have a natural tendency to over-complicate things. In reality, shouldn't life be about finding yourself, creating yourself, exploring the world, building relationships, pursuing passions, and fulfilling your dreams? Well, it should be. But because we're digital-age humans, that's wayyy too simple of a road-map to follow. Which it is obviously, because it does not take into account individual experiences, events, personalities, and values. However, the simple things that we tend to over-complicate places unnecessary stress on ourselves. This causes periods of frustration and stagnation. When have you ever stressed out because things were too simple?

It seems like every new invention is designed to make life simpler, but why does it feel like it's getting more complicated?

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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